Jul 17  (Father was a resident in our home)


Hi, Laura, Sure, anytime you want to, you can give someone my email or phone 734.646.6585 for a reference. You don't have to check with me. I remain so grateful for the wonderful care you gave my dad.


Lorri Coburn


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Jul 20     (Mother is a Resident in Our Home)


thanks for your note Laura.

I am so grateful for you all.  You are an answer to my prayers.  I didn't care for her last

place very much.  It was the best I could find, but you all outshine them by far!

Did you want me to do a referral for you?

Please thank Pat for going out to turn off my car last night.  I left it running, thinking I would

be right back out, but then realized I could use a bite of food, too, so snitched a few bites off

Mom's plate!  Anyway, I appreciated Pat going out for me to turn off engine.


Stay cool!


Have a nice weekend.

 Laurie Akerros



July 20, 2013


Hi Allison


Hope things are going good. I know Mike see's your mother all the time, and say the nursing

home loves her.

Would it be okay to use you as a reference?

Hope you have a great day


Laura Sarrach RN

Golden Acre Residential Care

734 620 3895


July 21, 2013 (Mother was a resident in our home)


Hi Laura,


Yes I just sent a  reference to ________, who emailed me shortly after you. So sorry that it took me so long, so busy at work. Hope you're doing well.

It's so nice to see Mike at the nursing home, so glad he's there. I hope he likes it, he does a great job!!

Please let me know if I can help with anything else!


Take care,


Allison E. Drozdzewski ACNP-BC

CVC Cardiovascular Medicine-MW3 Service

1500 E. Medical Center Drive SPC 5869

Ann Arbor, Michigan 48109-5853


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